In Studio Arts we know that the loss of a loved one is always hard. We always hear from our clients how hard it is to keep the grave in good state and always nice with flowers and plants. Keeping the physical space where the loved one is resting shouldn’t be a struggle. Our floral team can take care of that.

Our team has specialized to know which flowers and which plants are good for outside and which would last longer. We can come to the cemetery and help you decided on the best choice considering your budget and more important your feelings.

Also, we realized most of people don’t live in NYC and it’s harder for them to take care of their love one’s graves, if that’s your case you can trust that Studio Arts will act on your behalf to fulfill your expectations. We are always a call or an email away from your needs. If you feel this may help you, don’t hesitate to call us or sent us and email our team will always be here to help you.